Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's a Start

There are plenty of blogs. This could be just another one. And that was really the fear from the beginning: I didn't want to be "just another" blogger. But y'know something? That's not the point behind all of these future posts--to be different. This is the motivation: to lift and lighten.

The "aha"s that follow are for you. Some are my own quotes and some are things I've heard and jotted down from others. They've already done me good, and I think they have more to offer, so please peruse and partake. In the face of bad hair, bad shoes, bad drivers, bad dogs, bad technological devices, bad language, bad apples, bad music, bad luck, and bad days, every single person needs a way to step back and find the good. It can even become a blessed habit each time things go wrong. So if Just Another Blog can help you step back after Just Another Negative Thing, that's good enough for me.

"It's a Start". That's the upward lift this evening--it's a beginning. After weeks of attempting to create the perfect blog in my brain, I decided I needed to just start. And here I am. And here you are. And how many times have humans run into this problem of fearing to begin? Bottom line: we don't have to fear, and the only way to hurdle that hump is to just try. Something. Anything. It may not be pretty, it probably won't be perfect, and we may find some immediate setbacks. But goodness me... isn't that better than endless anxiety and procrastination? And the best part--once you try, you've begun. It's not perfect; "It's a start."

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