Thursday, July 19, 2012

Believe HARD

Odd name for a title, I realize. Here's what it means....

There are lots of words for "believing", right? Lots of inspirational thoughts and quotes and pretty wall hangings that encourage us to "Believe" and Hope, and have Faith, and Endure. (Don't get me wrong, I love those inspirational words and wall hangings. I will one day buy them.) But "faith" is one of those abstract ideas that was always hard to wrap my head around (like economics), and practice is probably the only way to do so. And recent practicing led to this aha--that there is a distinct difference between "believing" and "believing hard". You can put lots of little steps into it, too, like "wanting to believe" and "hoping it will work out" or even "wishing with your whole self". And people believe for looong periods of time. We trust and hope and try to do the follow-your-heart and wait-patiently; and those enduring hearts will keep it up for centuries, rain or shine. But there is a different feeling when you believe hard. Believing hard is a solid thing. Something about it is empowering, and you don't know any more or less than you do when you are believing. It's not even necessarily doing something more because sometimes there's simply nothing else you can physically do! When you believe hard, you have a fire. You still know it's a risk, you still know that you don't know, and you still acknowledge that things aren't perfect yet. But, oh sonny, they will be. And suddenly there is no risk, because you aren't paying any attention to fear or doubt, and you are going to keep believing and move heaven and earth to do so; because you are believing hard. Nothing can touch that. It's when you can say, "I know everything is going to be good," and you feel something more than hope. You may not know what, or why, and certainly not how, but there's so much more to this than what you can see... and that's what you do know.

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