Saturday, August 11, 2012

World English Dictionary
abundance (əˈbʌndəns)
— n
1. a copious supply; great amount
2. fullness or benevolence: from the abundance of my heart
3. degree of plentifulness

Cool idea, isn't it? Something that changed my existence.

Now, the only way this is exciting is if you take it and start coloring your world with it. You may think you've connected all the dots, resigned to the inevitable lemons of life, painted your glass half-full, but you're probably missing something... because perspectives are so fickle. So put these glasses on, and prepare to see plentifulness (not a word) in every corner of your life. You simply have to start looking and thinking abundantly. For me, the best way to do this is to take the opposite and go, "Ok, what do I feel I am lacking right now?" and then change it. We all have a list of unmet wants or needs. Try this scenario: I'm lacking money. I continually live on a bare minimum budget. My home is sparsely furnished; I can't buy anything but the cheapest version of everything at the grocery store; I barely make ends meet every month; I am sick of having to drive with my gas light on. I would say this to you: stop dwelling on what you could have. Sure, you could have money to spend on gorgeous furnishings, keep a full tank 99% of the time, and toss price-comparison shopping to the wind. But there's always more to be had. Some people can do all of that and still wish they didn't have to worry about their medical bills every month, or the car payments that hang overhead. So take your own cup of tea and turn it around so that it goes down this way: "I have more than enough money. I have enough for food when I want it, I have yet to run out of gas on the road, and I make ends meet every month." This works in little ways too. Lacking sleep? Sometimes that's enough to kill your mood the entire day. Everything calling your attention is burdened by the fact that you are just so tired and you did not get enough sleep last night, or the nights previous. Stop thinking that way! Put that little bugger out of your consciousness every time it surfaces. Sure, you didn't get enough sleep, but allow yourself to sincerely feel the energy you still have, and believe that it is enough. Walking, talking, moving, digesting, have an abundance available to you. And you can choose to believe that, especially when paired with good health habits. But don't you dare let those "If only I had mooore"s and "I can't do this much longer"s appear onstage. They burden you. Your mind is not a free-for-all theater; there are strict auditions to get onto that stage, and only the best thoughts make the cut. And those best thoughts are the ones that say, "I have lots; I have an abundance of life."

If this is too metaphorical and whimsy, here. Take this. To get rid of "lack" (meaning those wistful "I wish I had more" ideas), start with simple things you definitely have more than enough of. Breathe. Did you inhale? Did you get plenty of oxygen? Oh, good. Try it again. And again. You have more than enough air at your disposal. Just look at it all! It's beautiful and invisible and widely available, and you will     not    run out. Can you feel the joy in that?? Your lungs can--there's no fear, no worry. Air. Eyesight. Taste. Sky. The color yellow. A feature you love about yourself. Pick anything that will practically be there as long and as much as you want. And start feeling full and good and happy--truly believing that you have and are enough. You do :) and you are.

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